Two Knights Hunting | Deux chasseurs

Two noblemen are standing in the foreground with a dog. The background of the painting to the left is defined by a richly draped red curtain, which falls diagonally from the upper right-hand corner towards the bottom left corner of the painting. The right part of the painting has a view of the landscape with a river and a view that is obscured by a low horizon, and the upper three-quarters of the painting are filled with cloudy sky. The noblemen are turned a slight three-quarter profile towards the right of the painting, while the dog turned in the profile to the left of the painting. The noblemen are dressed in 18th century costume with grey wigs. The shorter one on the left holds with his right hand the top of the rifle that is resting on the ground, while pointing with his left hand to the right of the picture. The right hand of the nobleman on the right is covered, while his left hand is pointing in the same direction as the other noblemen's, thus implying that both of them are pointing to a view of a town or a manor house in the background of the painting.
Additional Information: painting noblemen, dog
Category Paintings
Reference Number 00466
Materials Oil on canvas
Measurements 265 x 157 cm, frame
Time Period 18th Century


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