Two Actors

Watercolor on paper, mounted and matted, depicts standing male actor musician with double gourd instrument in left hand and beating stick in right hand, dressed in large black coat over left shoulder, purple and white checkerboard kimono with red sash and gold characters on sleeve and skirt, blue and red undergarments, large floppy purple hat. Actress kneeling to his left with high-combed hairstyle with ten golden hairpins, red sash, dressed in black kimono, brown, purple, and red sash; red and blue undergarments, holding folded scroll in left hand, hairpin in right. Bright blue in high sky, buff in mid sky, and green in foreground.
Additional Information: Signature lower right with double censor seals, red publisher's mark and printer's seal.
Category Paintings
Reference Number 00828
Maker/Artist Toyokuni I; Japan
Materials Watercolor on paper
Measurements 14 x 9 in
Time Period 1769-1825


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