The Adoration of the Magi | L'adoration des Mages

The figural composition of the Biblical theme of the adoration of the Magi is shown in the foreground. To the left, on a raised throne, is a group with the Mother of God, the infant Jesus in his mother's arms and Joseph; the group is approached from the right by the Magi, who are bowing. The left part of the painting in the background shows the architecture of the wooden manger, while the right side shows the monumental architecture of a triumphal arch through which a procession of figures diminished by the perspective. Above the scene, in the center of the upper part of the painting, is a group of hovering winged angels. Inventory No: S-3
Additional Information: painting, religious, Jesus Christ, Virgin Mary, Joseph, Magi
Category Paintings
Reference Number 00466
Materials Oil on marble gilt wood
Measurements 47.50 x 49.30 cm
Time Period 17th Century


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