Scrimshawed Letter Opener

Scrimshawed ivory horn or tusk letter opener.
Additional Information: letter opener; scrimshaw; teepee; bison; Native American; face; horse; spear; house; skull; Inscriptions on the flat blade portion; Teepee, bison with inscription "The Noble Beast Monarch of the Plains," stage, Indian face with inscription "Red Cloud," horse head with lance and sword which is symbol for "2nd Cavalry," two story house depicting "the Bedlam," cattle skull over drum with spear and tomahawk, various scroll work, and the inscription "Presented to Col Henry Maynadier by the officers and men of the Ft Lar garrison, June 1866." Scrimshaw inscription on rounded handle portion: "Powder River expedition 1866"; "Black Hills campaign of 1865"
Category Other - Arts and Antiques
Reference Number 00560
Materials Ivory
Measurements 21 in
Time Period 1866


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