Scarlet Geranium

Large geranium leaves make up most of the main body of this shade. The lower leaves are greenish-yellow, the upper leaves are bluish-green. The flowers are bright red and are located at the top of the shade. The three-row apron alternates rectangles of blue, the leaf pattern and dark green. Base in the shape of a narrow bottle. The framework is latticed bronze into which green glass has been blown. The bottle rests on four leaf-like legs which splay outward.
Additional Information: lamp; flowers; geranium; Signature tag inside of lower rim "TIFFANY STUDIOS NEW YORK"
Category Other - Assorted
Reference Number 00202
Maker/Artist Tiffany
Materials Stained glass
Measurements Height (base): 25.5 in.; Diameter (base): 8 in.


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