Roman Funerary Stele (Man and Woman)

Funerary stele in marble. The square block of marble has 2 grooves in the middle giving the impression of 2 steles attached with acroters on the upper part. The upper slab is slightly larger than the stele itself. On the left panel, there is a frontal view of a woman. The hair parted in the middle, and falls on the shoulder partly covered by a scarf. The woman's left arm is hidden in her dress, and her right arm is on her chest. Her face is round, her eyes, nose and mouth are damaged. On the right panel, there is a frontal view of a man, curly hair, large face with beard and moustache; his left arm is placed inside his clothing and his right arm is on the chest. The stele bears no inscription. The sides and the back of the marble are roughly cut and without ornament.
Additional Information: funerary stele, funeral, woman, man
Category Other - Arts and Antiques
Reference Number 01088
Maker/Artist Roman
Materials Marble
Measurements 100.00 x 100.00 x 26.00 cm
Time Period 2nd Century


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