Road Map of the Trujillo Post Office (1829)

Document of a loose folio, in vertical format, with mixed writing (printed and handwritten), and “disposition as a form. The heading presents "REPÚBLICA PERUANA" (“PERUVIAN REPUBLIC”) printed under "ADMINISTRACIÓN DE CORREOS DE Trujillo, Setiembre 30 de 1829" ("ADMINISTRATION OF MAILS OF Trujillo, 30 September 1829"). Addressed to the Administrator of Cajamarca. The wording of the document reads: “Dirijo á U. las cartas extravagantes, cuyo número y valor de cargo y descargo (…) designa respectivamente la guía principal (…) por comprobante de su conformidad” ("I address to U. the extravagant letters, whose number and value of charge and discharge (...) designate respectively the main guide (...) by proof of their conformity"). In addition, it states the number of cards and the value in actual weight "No. OF CARDS 3 / REAL WEIGHT VALUE 1-1", below: “son descargo un peso un real” ("are a weight off a real one"). They present four autographs; two from the Trujillo administration and the other two from the Cajamarca administration, which he receives on 8 October 1829. The document belongs to a complex unit (book or file) because it has six holes as joint and/or seam marks, which are located on the left side margin. The support presents oxidation and/or yellowing, dispersed humidity stains with incidence in the parts that contain manuscript and punctual stains of ink. The outer edges of the straight sheet (top, bottom, right and left side) show irregularities with loss and breaks in the support. At the bottom of the left side, it is numbered or foliated in pencil: "23". The reverse side of the folio shows migration of iron-Gallic ink (oxidation), printing imprint, and yellow stains from humidity and ink stains; it also shows folding of the support on the upper left side. The support has a horizontal and a vertical fold, dividing the support into four fields.
Category Books
Reference Number 01175
Maker/Artist Unknown
Materials Paper
Time Period 09/30/1829


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