Road map of the Arequipa Post Office (1847)

Document of a loose folio, in vertical format, presents mixed writing (printed and handwritten). The document is arranged according to the official correspondence form of the Arequipa Post Office. The heading presents the form "REPÚBLICA PERUANA" (“PERUVIAN REPUBLIC”), below the postal administration that sends the document, followed by the route to which it is addressed: "Administración de correos de Arequipa / Correo de la ruta del Cuzco en 30 de octubre 1847 / Correspondencia de oficio del S. Teniente Prefecto. El cuerpo del documento consigna el número de cartas, precios y lo referido a reales de plata “dos a tres / 2 á 3 / 6” (“Arequipa post office administration / Post office of the Cuzco route on 30 October 1847 / Official letter correspondence from the S. Teniente Prefecto. The body of the document states the number of letters, prices and what is referred to as "two to three" silver reales / 2 to 3 / 6”); the final protocol states the manuscript “sesión” ("session") and printed “Se recibieron” ("Received"). At the bottom of the left side, it has a pencil numbering or foliation "13". On the verse side there is no writing, there are printing impressions and migration of ferro-Gallic ink. The document is evidence of belonging to a complex unit (book or bundle) because it has four perforations as joint and/or seam marks, which are located on the left side margin. The support shows oxidation and/or yellowing, occasional stains of humidity in the form of halos (right and left sides). The outer edges of the straight foil (top, bottom, right-hand side) show irregularities with loss and breaks in the support. The reverse side of the sheet shows migration of ferro-Gallic ink in the process of deterioration of the support (ink registration), the support has yellow stains of humidity; the left side shows irregularities such as lack of support and breakage.
Category Books
Reference Number 01173
Maker/Artist Unknown
Materials Paper
Time Period 10/30/1847


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