Preston C. Hudson Binoculars

Additional Information: binoculars; Civil War; The inscription describes the service of Preston C. Hudson as an Adjutant with the 85th Illinois Infantry at several Civil War battles.; "Preston C. Hudson/Adjutant/85th Illinois Infantry/3rd Brig.2d Div./14 Corps/Army of the Cumberland/1862-1865"; "Murfreesboro./Chickamauga./Missionary Ridge./Buzzard Roost./Resaca./Peach Tree Creek./Kenesaw Mountain/Rome.Jonesboro./Atlanta./"Atlanta to the Sea"/Savanah;Bentonville"
Category Binoculars and Telescopes
Reference Number 00808
Materials Brass; Glass
Measurements Base diameter 6.0 cm.; Eyepiece diameter 4.1 cm.; Circular glass lens implanted in base, recessed 0.5 cm.; Base overlaid with thin movable brass cylinders; Eyepieces brass with rounded rim and small glass section inlaid, 2.0 cm.; Brass fittings joined with focus mechanism, length 6.0 cm. Finger grip ridged, when turned raises and lowers eyepiece section.
Time Period 1862-1865


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