Order of payment in silver issued by the Casa de Moneda de Lima (Lima Mint) (1753)

A loose folio document, vertical format, rag holder, on sealed or stamped paper; with mixed writing (printed and handwritten). Right side: In the upper middle margin, right side, there is a cross, below the header with upper and lower case letters indicating: "DON ANDRES DE MORALES Y DE LOS RIOS, Veinte y quatro de la Ciudad de Cordova, del Consejo de S. M. en el Real de Hazienda y Juez Superintendente General de la Real Casa de Moneda de esta Ciudad" ("DON ANDRES DE MORALES Y DE LOS RIOS, Twenty-four of the City of Cordova, from the Council of H. M. in the Real de Hazienda and Judge Superintendent General of the Royal Mint of this City"). On the left side, it has ink and print registers; the body of the printed document is arranged as a form, with data respecting a writing box towards the right margin of the folio. Back side: Sealed paper, begins with the sign of the cross; on the upper left side it shows the circular seal of the royalty; on the side, the value of the paper (one quarter), followed by “SELLO QUARTO, UN QUARTILLO, AÑOS DE MIL SETECIENTOS Y QUARENTA Y TRES” ("SEAL FOUR, ONE QUART, YEARS OF A THOUSAND SEVEN HUNDRED AND FORTY THREE"). Below, the years are extended, to make use of the paper “SIRVE PARA EL REYNADO DE S.M. EL (illegible) FERNANDO EL VI. PARA LOS AÑOS DE 1753 Y 1754” ("SERVES FOR THE KING OF H.M. THE (illegible) FERNANDO EL VI. FOR THE YEARS 1753 AND 1754"). Conservation of the straight side: regular, with characteristics of belonging to a complex unit (book or file). The support has moisture oxidation and migration of iron-Gallic ink in the process of oxidation on the opposite side of the support; stains in the form of halos around the manuscript with iron-Gallic ink. At the lower part of the left side, there is a paper frame adhered as a patch, which is repeated on the opposite side of the folio. The backside shows migration of iron-Gallic ink (manuscript and autograph), oxidation of ink (autograph), and yellow stains due to humidity; the edges of the support have irregularities due to loss, breakage and lack of support.
Category Books
Reference Number 01172
Maker/Artist Unknown
Materials Paper
Measurements Height: 31 cm.; Width: 21.5 cm.
Time Period Made in 03/20/1753


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