Native American Bowl, Southwest Red

Bow, polychrome; exterior red; fire clouds on exterior; rim is flat; interior has large, angled triangular sections coming off rim with designs inside of them. Designs include: interlocking key design, solid triangular sections that are saw-toothed and hatched triangular section; solid patterns predominate; in center are 2 opposed "stepped" triangles with 2 "L"-shaped extensions on base; 1 triangle is solid and the other is cross-hatched. Triangles about 4.3 mm x 3.1 mm.
Additional Information: bowl; geometric; polychrome; Southwest; red; Number 72.1.12/24 written in black ink on the bottom side of the bowl; Bowl has been restored near rim in several places.
Category Bowls
Reference Number 00205
Maker/Artist Native American
Materials Ceramic
Measurements Height: 9 cm.; Rim: 21.5 cm.
Time Period 13th Century


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