Mayan Skeleton Receptacle

Receptacle carved into the shape of a human skeleton used to hold human heart removed during ritual human sacrifice.
Additional Information: Mayan artifact carved from limestone into form of human skeleton standing on the tips of its toes and top of its head, which are in close proximity because its spine is twisted backward with its hands holding it knees. This backbend position exposes the cavity inside the chest. The open slots between the ribs provide drainage conducive to the artifact's purpose. The artifact was a receptacle for a human heart excised during ritual human sacrifice to consecrate the altar of a temple.
Category Sculpture
Reference Number 00313
Maker/Artist Mayan Culture
Materials Limestone
Measurements Height: 11.25 inches; Width: 8.5 inches; Weight: 7.35281 lbs
Time Period 450 AD – 740 AD (Mayan Classic Peroid)


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