Mantel Clock with Candelabras

Mantel Clock - gold plated bronze, French, roman numerals, 5" dial, stands on five feet at either side, pair of birds above the dial, statue of a bust of a woman above and at the extreme top showing left breast bare, there are flowers, grapes and other fruit at the side; embellished with two separate candelabras each standing on three paw feet terminating into a base 8" in diameter, standing atop the base is a 14" high cupid holding an array of eight candles with drip caps, each candelabra weighs in excess of 40 lbs, clock weighs in excess of 100 lbs
Additional Information: mantel clock; flowers; grapes; fruit; Movement is marked Vor Paillard, A Paris; porcelain dial signed Vor Paillard & Romian Fcants de Bronzes Paris
Category Timepieces - Clock
Reference Number 00240
Maker/Artist France
Materials Gold plated bronze
Measurements 27 x 24 x 9.5 in