Madonna and Child, angel in upper left

The child is held on the mother's right side, although she faces almost full face front she is looking towards an angel in the upper left of the icon. Her robe and veil are black with designs of dark red and gold, there is a heavy border of gold on her sleeves and neckline but not on the veil. The child is partially enfolded in her robe. Her halo is gold (dark) and the child's is a lighter gold, the overall background of the icon is gold.
Additional Information: icon; Virgin Mary; Jesus Christ; baby; angel; Script on back; The Virgin's mouth is unusually naturalistic for the period. Her skin tone is lighter than usual being a pale brown with yellow overtones, also the nose and neck (especially long) are thicker than usual. The wood panel is curved and the back has been treated for wood-worm
Category Triptych/Diptych/Icon
Reference Number 00669
Maker/Artist Turkey; Byzantine
Materials Tempera on wood gold leaf
Measurements 18 x 14 in
Time Period 13th Century


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