Interior Scene (Three People)

An interior scene with seated Samurai warrior dressed in purple kimono with blue and white checkerboard skirt, standing Samurai with blue top and red floral in mid-ground. Lady in far left dressed in blue kimono trying to put up green shutters blowing in the wind. Windows on back wall, screen with yellow and white tree, red sky, painted on sliding doors; blue screen far upper right, small yellow bird at base of blue screen. Two Samurai swords on floor at lower left. Gray-brown geometric border with small margin.
Additional Information: Asian; interior; Samurai warrior; woman; kimono; bird; sword; Red rectangular balloon with inscription in upper right. Signed lower right, two censor seals and publisher's mark.
Category Paintings
Reference Number 00828
Maker/Artist Japan; Toyokuni II
Materials Watercolor on paper
Measurements 9 x 14 in
Time Period 1777-1835


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