Interior Scene

Two ladies seated on green rug, small black and white dog with red collar seated in lower right, ladies dressed in various shades of blue robes with floral motif. Long horizontal scroll of calligraphy across left leg of lady to the left, brush in right hand; other lady leaning over her shoulder looking at the dog, black and red writing box at far left under blue and white vase with flowers. Screen at far upper right with small flower paintings attached to surface. Open book in top half tinted red to green on open page with black script characters on both pages; probably the poem or title.
Additional Information: painting; Asian; interior; women; two; sitting; dog; scroll; calligraphy; vase; flowers; Signed in center right in red balloon.
Category Paintings
Reference Number 00828
Maker/Artist Kunichika; Japan
Materials Watercolor on paper
Measurements 14 x 9 in
Time Period 1835-1900


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