Henry Fonda | Ludwig Beethoven | Claude Monet | Golda Meier | Myrna Loy | Ytsak Perlman | Arturo Tuscanini | Herman Wouk | Vladimir Hurwitz | Moses

A collection of ten unique one-of-a-kind pencil drawings commissioned by Mr. Charles Liff from Mr. Phillip Ratner. Each depicts a famous personage, either living, deceased, or from past history, which Mr. Liff held in high regard. Each drawing was executed on hand made acid free rag paper. Each is signed and mounted in a matted and glazed museum type metal frame
Additional Information: drawing; portrait; man; woman; Henry Fonda; Ludwig Beethoven; Claude Monet; Golda Meier; Myrna Loy; Ytsak Perlman; Arturo Tuscanini; Herman Wouk; Vladimir Hurwitz; Moses; Signed
Category drawing,watercolour
Reference Number 00728
Maker/Artist Phillip Ratner
Materials Pencil on paper
Measurements 20 x 11 in
Time Period 1970-1980


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