Handwritten file on Capitán Gerónimo de Aliaga (XVII century)

Three hundred and twelve-page (312) document, in a hardcover volume, containing a handwritten file. It is about the "Probanzas de los servicios quel Capitán Girónimo de Aliaga. Peru, c.1533- 1647" ("Proofs of Capitán Girónimo Aliaga Services. Peru, c.1533-1647). On one of the pages, we can see the number 475, where there is a request by Álvaro de los Ríos y Berris, husband of Juana de Villafuerte, in the lawsuit against Luis de Agüero, on the repartimiento (land division) of Lunahuaná, before the Royal Court at Lima; the request is addressed to the M.P.S. ("Very Mighty Lord", which is the institutional address form to the Royal Court at Lma). From the handwritting, it corresponds to the first half of the XVII century. The binding shows signs of being later than the document, as it is hardback and not leather
Category Books
Reference Number 01178
Materials Paper
Time Period 17th Century


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