God Without Thunder, an Unorthodox Defense of Orthodoxy

New York; Harcourt, Brace, Jovanovich; x, 334 p.; 811.52 R17g
Additional Information: book; Kenyon College books can be identified by the following: 1) A KC logo on the inside front cover, or a logo entitled Philo Mathesian Society or Nu Pi Kappa (which are literary societies connected with KC); and/or 2) A KC call number on the outside spine or penciled in on one of the first 5 pages of the book (note: Breithaupt on occasion erased the penciled-in number but an imprint may still be visible); and/or 3) KC acquisition information on one of the first 5 pages of the book.
Category Books
Reference Number 00895
Maker/Artist John Crowe Ransom
Materials Printed paper book
Measurements Length: 22 cm.
Time Period Copyright: 1931


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