French Urns

Pair of urns - Sevres, France, ormolu trimmed, metal bases, chamfered, four rosette feet, base is 8 1/2" square, maximum porcelain diameter is 10", all metal work is bronze, two handles show a bust of a woman with large wings, top is loose and porcelain with acorn type finial. Paintings on each side are different, paintings are essentially all around (not medallions), handles are simply applied, paintings show on one a man and a woman and a dog with the man seated, on the other a man and woman with the woman seated. Top is marked with the interlacing L's, BB inside the L's, letter S. beneath the interlaced L's, the BB inside denotes the year 1779.
Additional Information: urn; woman; wings; man; dog; signed G. Poiterin
Category Ornamental Ceramic Wares
Reference Number 00240
Maker/Artist Sevres
Materials Porcelain bronze
Measurements 10 x 8.5 in
Time Period 1779


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