French, Sevres Urns

Pair of Urns - Sevres, France, this pair was made for Henry XVI. Each urn has a circular base 9" in diameter, center section is 10 1/2" diameter, top is 6 1/2" diameter, covered, 28 1/2" high, around the center of each are circular portraits in the basic porcelain, each is 2 1/2" diameter. There are 24 portraits in total with their names directly above. One is a portrait of Louis XVI and going counter-clockwise there is Mme. de Genlis, Mme. de Bourbon Conti, Mme. Bourbon Busset, Mme. Rohan Chabot, Mme. du Plessy Belliere, Mme. Royale, Mme. Elizabeth, Mme. de L-Etang, Mme. de Lafayette, Mme. de Parabere, Mme. de Boubon Conde; on the other urn there are 24 portraits starting with Marie Antoinette and going clockwise - Mme. de Chalais, Mme. Dubarry, Marie de Savoire, Mme. de la Motte, Mme. de Montesson, Louis XVII shown as a young boy, Mme. de Polignac, Mme. de Lalaurency, Mme. Victoire, Mme. de Rohan Gue-nie-ne-e, Mme. de Lamballe. These urns are ribbed with white, cobalt blue ground, decorated near top with a metal rope type leaf decoration, made approximately 1787.
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