French Mantel Clock and Candelabras

French Mantel Clock - with two candelabras, square design, clock is a tape type with the time indicator held in a snake's mouth which wraps around an urn setting atop the square base. There are eight painted porcelain panels around the base of the clock and eight smaller ones around the base of each candelabra. Each candelabra follows the same design and is 5 1/2" square at the base with an urn atop supporting the candle sockets. Entire ensemble is in very good condition. The movement lies horizontal. Tape clock is one where the time numbers rotate and time is read by looking at a stationary indicator and corresponding time number. Circa 1865.
Additional Information: mantel clock; snake; urn
Category clock,timepiece
Reference Number 00240
Maker/Artist French
Measurements 24 x 11 in
Time Period circa 1865


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