French Grandfather Clock

Grandfather Clock - with two floor standing candelabras, has gold hands, 10 1/2" diameter dial, very ornate, wood with very heavy ormolu trimmings, base is 16" wide, 10 1/2" deep, 7 1/2" high, waist of the clock terminate into this base and stands on four metal claw feet, metal on this clock is gold plated, door in the waist is covered with ornate metal flowers, around the dial are located three cherubs, one at the bottom, two at the top, time and strike, heavy brass pendulum, porcelain dial, spring driven. Each candelabra is as tall as the clock, each as 11 candle sockets, sockets on one are supported by a man carrying a tambourine, the other by a woman carrying a tambourine, both are gold plated, candelabras alone are 45" high, their stands are 42" high, stands have onyx marble plinth 11 1/2" square, center section as 4-1 1/2 diameter metal fluted tubes, top is 11 1/2" square, all pieces are in pristine condition, circa 1860.
Additional Information: grandfather clock; flowers; man; tambourine; woman; signed Ferdinand Berthoud A Paris
Category clock,timepiece
Reference Number 00240
Maker/Artist Ferdinand Berthoud; France
Materials Gold; wood; brass
Measurements 87 x 20 x 12 in
Time Period Circa 1860


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