Folio (252) of the notarial protocol No.17, Scribe Julián Bravo (1599)

It deals with the company contract signed by Francisco Pérez de Robles, Isabel de los Ángeles, Andrés González, Miguel de Burgos, Juan Crisóstomo, Bernardo Martínez, Luis de Mayorga and Bartolomé de Suárez, comedians, in the port of Callao in the city of Lima, on 28 June 1599, before the notary public Julián Bravo. Folio 252v: Folio without number, contains part of the text of the preservative clauses and the final protocol where the topical and chronological data of the document are expressed and the signature of the contractors, a witness at the request of a contractor who did not know how to sign and the notary public of the port of Callao in the city of Lima, Julian Bravo, as an authority of public faith.
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