Faberge Wedding Cup

Faberge mark, 88 silver head mark, workmaster mark
Additional Information: cup; serpent; man; woman; griffin; Faberge mark, 88 silver head mark, workmaster mark; Minor chipping of enameling in a few places. Amethysts and ruby embedded in gilded silver three handled large cup. handles are in shape of serpent with amethyst eyes. Heavy blank, three full length enameled portraits of robed minstral, man, and serving woman on each side with winged griffin below and all over accents of enameled scroll and flower motif accented in gold wire tracery. Hand-painted touches on enameling in brown, burgundy, pink, aqua, blue, yellow, and green.
Category Ceramic Tea and Coffee Wares
Reference Number 00956
Maker/Artist Faberge; Fedor Ruckert
Materials Gold; silver; enamel; amethyst; ruby
Measurements 9 1/2 x 8 1/4 in; Dia: 6 1/8 in
Time Period 1900


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