Expedition report issued by two Jesuits priests to the Central Lima Government (1745)

Six-page (06) document consisting of a "report made by Jesuits priests Fathers Miguel de Eysaguirre y Carlos de Pastoriza of the Society of Jesus of all that happened in the expedition that they have made to the jungle by order and instruction of the Most Excellent Joseph Manso de Velasco, Lieutenant General of the armies of (...)", dated 13 October 1745, in Lima. The document consists of a report to the Central Lima Government by the two Jesuit priests, who were sent to the jungle in 1745 to interview the rebel Juan Santos Atahualpa. It exhibits regular state of conservation, with the presence of humidity.
Category Books
Reference Number 01178
Maker/Artist Fathers Miguel de Eysaguirre and Carlos de Pastoriza
Materials Paper
Time Period 1745


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