Enlevement de Daphine (Kidnapping of Daphine)

The painting is contained in a light wood frame with a brass name plaque at the bottom, containing the name of the artist and the name of the painting. The painting was cleaned and the back cloth-lined in 1970. The painting was hung in the Theatre du Chatelet in France prior to the French Revolution in 1789. There is a marking, possibly a tag on the back, to indicate this. When the painting was acquired by the L'Henry family, it was displayed in the family castle, Chateau de Serrigney. There may be a marking on the back with that name.
Additional Information: painting; mythology; exterior; nude women; nude men; angel; trees; Painting is signed in the lower right, believed to be in red, which is hard to see
Category Paintings
Reference Number 00909
Maker/Artist Antoine Coypel; France
Materials Oil on canvas


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