Ellis (from his Ellis Island Series)

Thirty-six unframed original pen and ink drawings. All are executed on hand made acid free Reeves paper and titled "Ellis." They are accompanied by a hand written original poem by the artist. The suit depicts immigrants who came to America from all over the world at the turn of the century and how they adjusted to their new homes. The suit is accompanied with its original box and signed poster, front page with photograph of the artist along with the poem and drawings of the people of Ellis Island
Additional Information: drawing; portrait; man; woman; child; immigrant; Ellis Island; Hand written original poem by the artist: "They came from everywhere; they came from nowhere; alone together, they came to; they came for; but they came and here they are, forever to remind us of their strength, their spirit, their dreams"
Category drawing,watercolour
Reference Number 00728
Maker/Artist Phillip Ratner
Materials Pen and ink on paper
Measurements 14 x 11 in
Time Period 1982


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