Courtyard, by Tate Nation

Back side view of 9 or 10 old Charleston homes converging onto one common rear courtyard (highlighted by a very bright green grassy area in foreground). A small portion of a brick wall is visible cutting diagonally across the lower right corner. St. Phillips Church steeple appears behind houses, with gold cross at top, visible in front of large stylized clouds against a medium blue sky. A tall brick wall, overgrown at the top with foliage, with arched doorway and wrought-iron gate is seen in the lower right quadrant. Many chimneys and old tin rooftops are featured.
Additional Information: painting; town; church; buildings; cityscape; cartoon; "Nation" in lower right corner
Category Paintings
Reference Number 00625
Maker/Artist Tate Nation
Materials Acrylic
Measurements 24 x 36 in


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