Cortes Historical Document

Historical document signed by Hernando Cortes that is a payment order in which Cortes orders Palacios Rubios on May 3, 1527, to give fifty gold pesos to Diego de Medina and assistance to participate in the expedition to the South Sea. On the back of the document, Diego de Medina signed the receipt of the indicated amount on the same day.
Additional Information: Scraping of foliation or erasure, both sides signed; laid lines on paper; migrated ink, ink stains; missing part due to tearing at the top margin
Category Other - Assorted
Reference Number 01214
Maker/Artist Hernan Cortes, Mexico
Materials Handmade paper, iron gall ink
Measurements Quarter sheet of paper; Width: 15-21.5 cm; Length: 19.3-31 cm
Time Period May 1527


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