Coit Study #2

Watercolor painting depicts farm buildings with fence and windmill. Composed in muted green, red, blue, gray, purple in wooden frame. Study for possible use in Fresco "Agriculture" by Edward Johanson in the Coit Tower in San Francisco. Discovered missing circa 1987.
Additional Information: painting, exterior; farm; windmill; fence; Label on verso: "Edward Johanson PWAP (1934) Study of Farm Buildings from Fresco Agriculture in Coit Tower National Museum of American Art Item #128 12/8/82"; "Edward Johanson Region #15 Watercolor Study of Farm Buildings for Fresco "Agriculture" in the Coit Tower - #2R. Walton Moore Assist. Sec. of State 3/22/34." "Cohen's Inc. 1227 G St. NW. Popular Price Picture Store of Washington, DC"; "Watercolor Study of Farm Buildings for Possible Use in Fresco "Agriculture" in the Coit Tower Edward Johanson San Francisco" Brass tag on recto: "Public Works of Art Project"
Category Paintings
Reference Number 00953
Maker/Artist Edward W. Johanson
Materials Watercolor
Measurements 7.5 x 10.5 in
Time Period 1934


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