Claude Laurent Flute

Flute approximately 2' in length (when assembled). The crystal is opaque and slightly ribbed lengthwise; in color it has a smokey-white tint. The flute is designed so that it can be disassembled into three segments. These three segments in turn can be placed in a hard leather case which has hollowed-out padded grooves designed to accommodate each segment. The keep, or pedals, of the flute are made of silver.
Additional Information: flute; One of the segments bears a silver band which contains a number of inscriptions. One of the inscriptions appears: "HNC/TO/JTC/1841/C. LAURENT A PARIS 1825/BREVETE"
Category Instruments - Wind
Reference Number 00637
Maker/Artist Claude Laurent; Paris, France
Materials Crystal silver
Measurements 22 in
Time Period 1825


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