Chinese Roof Tile

Pair of large blue and aubergine roof tiles from the Ming Dynasty, ca: first half of the XVI century. The purpose of roof tiles in China was to serve as an architectural motif for the roof of a building. The quality and size of the tile depended in great measure on the importance of the edifice. As well as being ornamental, they symbolized many things including Good Luck, Happy Augury, and Protection. The Fu dog was the guardian of the temple, each holding a brocaded ball between their front paws with ribbons trailing. The grandest and most important feature of these tiles is the addition of the riders seated on their backs.
Additional Information: sculpture; roof tile; Asian; man; animal; riding
Category Sculpture
Reference Number 00130
Maker/Artist China
Materials Stoneware
Measurements 33 1/4 x 29 1/8 in
Time Period 1500-1550


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