C.E.S. Wood

Portrait bust of C.E.S. Wood. Statue is hollowed. C.E.S. Wood, well-known humanist, poet, and founder of the Portland Art Museum. This portrait bust of Wood is the most important work by Warner in the Museum's collections. It was given to the Museum in 1925 by Wood's friend Mrs. Helen Ladd Corbett, and has been regularly exhibited in the Museum's galleries ever since. It was stolen from "Architects of Culture," an exhibition dealing with the founding and history of the Portland Art Museum. Two other casts of this sculpture are in Portland. One is owned by a member of the Wood family; the other, also in the Wood family, is being restored and will be presented to the Multnomah County Library in October of this year as part of the Oregon Cultural Heritage Foundation's program to honor Wood's accomplishments as author, writer, and humanist.
Additional Information: sculpture; portrait; bust; man; beard; Signed at base "Olin L. Warner/ Portland, 1888"; Marked with museum accession number 25.19 on underside in red paint
Category Sculpture
Reference Number 00599
Maker/Artist Olin Levi Warner
Materials Bronze
Measurements 20.75 x 9.5 in
Time Period 1888


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