By the Stream

Tiffany leaded stained glass window in a two inch oak frame. Inside the frame are 2" squares, dark blue, molded glass. When this blue glass is illuminated, you will see what looks like maple leaves in the glass. These blue squares border the central part of the window that has a scene showing two women, one kneeling by a stream and a second woman standing behind the first. The woman kneeling is dressed in blue and the standing woman is dressed in white. There is a small waterfall in the background, also trees and rocks. The main colors are blue, white, green and yellow. The window was built in 1893 by Tiffany Studios and is illustrated in two book; "Arts of Tiffany," 1914, by Dekay and "Tiffany Windows," 1980 by Dunkam.
Additional Information: window; woman; kneeling; waterfall; trees
Category Other - Arts and Antiques
Reference Number 00635
Maker/Artist Tiffany
Materials stained glass
Measurements 72 x 33 in
Time Period 1893


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