A Room in Sarastro's Palace

Egyptian stylized art. The work is a design rendering for a backdrop for Act I sc. 3 of the opera, "The Magic Flute." It consists of two layers of cardboard painted with gouache. The first layer is a painting of two figures seated at a table in front of a light blue background. The blue background is surrounded by a pattern of red, yellow, blue and white blocks on a grey background. The center of the second layers cut out in the same shape as the blue background of the first layer. The pattern of blocks on the grey background is continued from the first layer.
Additional Information: painting; Egyptian; Anubis; animal; sitting; table; Unsigned
Category Paintings
Reference Number 00226
Maker/Artist David Hockney
Materials Gouache cardboard
Measurements 31 x 40 7/8 in
Time Period 1977


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